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Choose the Right Program

Studying abroad allows students to pursue their educational and personal goals while having the amazing experience of travelling and living in a new country. 

Choosing a program that is aligned with your goals, preferences, and budget can be challenging. Here are the key factors you should consider when deciding on a study abroad program. 

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Not every program offers the courses that you need. Since students continue to pay tuition fees, it’s important to many of them that the credits they earn abroad counted toward their Douglas College program. If you are one of these students, start by filtering out those programs whose course credits don’t count. 

Students have used their time abroad to take Arts electives they can use toward their Douglas College program 

Studying abroad can also be an opportunity to take courses that are not required by your program but that you are still interested in. 

Keep in mind that you don’t have to stick to courses in your area of study.  

Duration, Time of Year 

Our study abroad options range from two weeks to two semesters. Consider how long you’d like to be away for. Usually, the longer the duration, the more you will get to know the location, language, culture and people. 

Your study abroad program dates will be different from Douglas College semester dates. It could be mean taking a couple of month’s break from taking courses before you go, or after you return. 


It costs significantly more to study abroad than to study at home. Airfare and travel insurance are additional costs, and everyday costs like accommodation and food may be more expensive than at home. In general, the longer the program, the more it costs. A student's desire to travel regionally while abroad is also an important factor to consider. Students who travel extensively on the weekends or breaks will usually spend significantly more than students who spend their free time in the community or city.


Check out our program brochures to to get an idea of what various programs cost approximately. Each program brochure provides information or links to information about program costs.

Awards and scholarships are available  to offset study abroad costs for eligible students. Visit awards and scholarships to view eligibility information and the scholarships application form. 


Some students have a special personal interest in a specific country and so prioritize location over all other factors when making their choice. 

If you don’t have any location preferences, and have not done much travelling, we suggest that you find a program/institution where the courses will likely count toward your Douglas College program, and be flexible with regards to location. 

Pay attention when researching potential destinations. Destinations within the same country can differ greatly in city size, climate, culture and even language! Make sure you get the most from your experience by choosing a destination that fulfills your expectations. 

Study Setting 

Do you prefer to study and travel in a cohort with other Douglas College students, or go on your own and study with local students and students from other countries? 

Identity and Diversity 

Consider aspects of your identity and how these may be perceived and treated in the cultures you'll be spending time in. 

Do some research into social norms, cultural mores, and local practices before your program begins. You'll want to participate as much as possible in the host culture and should be prepared for the experience, which can be both personally challenging and rewarding.