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Western Canada Mobility Network (WCMN)

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The Western Canada Mobility Network (WCMN) is a study abroad network that includes nine Canadian colleges and institutes. The initiative was established in 2023 with initial funding from the Global Skills Opportunity Innovation Fund. Being a student at any one of the member institutions means you are eligible to apply for any WCMN study abroad program (short-term field schools or semester-long exchange programs) offered through any of the partner institutions and receive full academic credit, making your international studies more accessible, affordable and supportive to your specific interests and requirements.

Participating institutions include:wcmn map

  1. Douglas College (WCMN lead and secretariat)
  2. Aurora College
  3. Coast Mountain College
  4. College of the Rockies
  5. Justice Institute of British Columbia
  6. North Island College
  7. Northern Lights College
  8. Selkirk College
  9. Vancouver Community College


Studying abroad provides profound transformative personal and academic learning including gaining of vital intercultural competencies, skills and knowledge and confidence for a rapidly changing global community.

However, the preparation, planning and resources required to participate can be challenging to secure and seemingly out of reach for many students. WCMN understands these structural barriers and has designed the network to address these challenges making study abroad increasingly accessible to a broader diversity of students and responsive to their interests and needs.


WCMN study abroad programs are articulated through the BC Transfer Guide (BCTG) to ensure that you receive full academic transfer credit at your home institution and that course transfer credit is known prior to your program choice and registration. Your home institution will work with the host institution to help navigate the process to receive all credit specified for your study abroad program.   


Provision of wrap-around online and hybrid supports such as pre-departure workshops, intercultural modules and re-entry orientations are extended to you regardless of where your home institution is located. Through the sharing of resources and best practices, students will have access to a diversity of support and resources relevant to help ensure study abroad personal and academic success.


Each year, WCMN members will extend their study abroad programs to students across the nine institutions, offering diverse opportunities to attend programs that will open doors to cultural immersion, academic enrichment, and personal growth unlike any other experience.

Selecting the right program is important. To begin your exploration of WCMN programs, we highly recommend starting with our Choose the Right Program page and reviewing the different types of programs available.



Check out the steps below to get started. When you have questions, feel free to reach out to the WCMN secretariat who will be happy to answer your questions and guide you through the first steps of your study abroad journey.

Before you Apply

How to Apply After you Apply


Please contact the WCMN secretariat at